Note To Roger Goodell: Just Go


Photo courtesy of the National Football League/Washington Post

The front page of the New York Post has a large picture of New York Yankees player Alex Rodriguez staring blindly into a camera. The caption of the photo simply reads: Just Go.

Rodriguez will reportedly face a 214-game suspension by Major League Baseball for his use of performance enhancing drugs. I have many a thought on why the MLB should kick rocks when it comes to suspending players for steroids, but that is not where I choose to place my ire this time.

Instead of Alex Rodriguez, Roger Goodell’s chalky face should be placed on the cover of New York’s gossip rag, and here’s why.

Philadelphia Eagles receiver Riley Cooper is in scalding hot water for his use of a racial epithet. Cooper got into an argument with a security guard at a music concert and allowed the “N” word to fly from his lips.

In response, the Eagles decided to fine and send him to “sensitivity training classes.” In the end, Cooper will likely be released with the ability to find a job in the Arena Football League.

But what made me roll my eyes at Roger Goodell was his tepid response to Cooper’s punishment by the Eagles. Goodell said that the league will not “penalize at the club level and league level for the same incident” in an appearance on ESPN’s “Mike and Mike” radio program.

Whatever, Roger.

The two Mikes asked him about the league’s hypocrisy about the Washington Redskins nickname, something that has been deemed racially insensitive time and time again.

Goodell’s response?

“That’s a name that has always represented pride, heritage, tradition; the things that, I think, have made Redskins fans so proud of that name. And they have always presented the Redskins in a positive light…”

So if I’m reading into Goodell’s words correctly, if Cooper would have represented himself and the Eagles in a positive light by uttering the “N” word, all would have been right in the NFL world?

Shame on you, Roger.

Maybe Goodell is of the belief that once Cooper steps foot on an NFL field again, which may be unlikely, he’ll receive some type of field justice. On the other hand, the player who decides to detach Cooper’s head from his body as soon as he catches a pass over the middle will be fined a game check for destroying a defenseless receiver.

Not really a winnable situation, is it?

Outside of my ramblings about Goodell and his money first attitude, because that’s why the Redskins are so important and Riley Cooper isn’t, Goodell is not good for the league that I love.

As long as Daniel Snyder and the Redskins keep pumping money in the NFL’s gargantuan bank account, the Redkins will represent pride. Maybe things will change when the league’s partisan percentage of black players elevates to ownership.

Just seems to me that if Goodell wants to represent the league in a good and honorable way, he would have found a way to appease the vast majority of the folk who are clothed in the shield every Sunday.


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