How The DEA May Have Lied To Arrest You

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In a news story first featured via Reuters, it was revealed that the National Security Agency funnels private information about American citizens to the Drug Enforcement Administration that may be used to instigate criminal inquiries.

Once the DEA receives the information, they are instructed to create a faux investigative trail in order to cover up where, and how, the information was first gained. In essence, their initial investigation may be a tangled web of lies.

While the individual perpetrating the crime may be wrong, how he or she is arrested is wrong as well.

The article also states that this program may be a direct violation of a individual’s “Constitutional right to a fair trial.”

So your friend who was arrested and sent away for “slangin’ cain,” may have been spied upon by the United States government.

Just think about how wide that net must be for the NSA to give personal, and private, information to the DEA so that we can remove drug criminals off the street.

Kind of gives you chills, doesn’t it?


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