Meet The Democratic Lawmakers Who Voted Against SYG Special Session

ImageThe Dream Defenders camped out at the Florida Capitol for days and weeks in an effort to get Florida Governor Rick Scott to call a special session on the state’s most controversial law, “Stand Your Ground.”

The Florida Secretary of State’s office revealed that seven Democrats decided to vote against calling a special session to discuss SYG.

The law has been in the news everyday since George Zimmerman was acquitted of killing Trayvon Martin. Some, including the Dream Defenders, believe that SYG is one of the reasons why Zimmerman was able to walk out of the courtroom a free man.

In regards to politics, the Florida Democratic Party led the charge against the law. Democratic Representative Alan Williams has filed legislation to repeal SYG. In addition, Representative Bruce Antone has filed a bill that will amend some of the contentious language embedded in the law.

But just as most political votes go, there will be some who choose to go against the grain. Those lawmakers will face the ire of some angry leftists because of their decision, but that’s why being a politician is so…rewarding.

Read the list, digest it, and react appropriately.

The Infamous Seven

Rep. Mike Clelland, Lake Mary

Rep. Dwight Dudley, St. Petersburg

Rep. Katie Edwards, Plantation

Rep. Mark Danish, Tampa

Rep. Michelle Rehwinkel-Vasilinda, Tallahassee

Rep. Linda Stewart, Orlando

Rep. Carl Zimmerman, Palm Harbor

In addition to the seven, there were four Democratic lawmakers who thought it not robbery to sit this one out. Those four lawmakers are below.

The Four Non-Voters

Rep. Ricardo Rangel, Kissimmee

Sen. Joe Abruzzo, Wellington

Sen. Darren Soto, Orlando

Rep. Daphne Campbell, Miami

Representative Clelland, the political giant killer, stated that he would rather see an organic repeal of the law instead of a special session. Clelland also added that he’s unsure as to where he stands on the law.

Without calling a special session to address the law, what does this mean for the future of SYG?


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