Once Again, Rick Scott Shows His Petty Side

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Back in 2009 when Rick Scott was still a private citizen, he pledged to fight the Affordable Car Act with the might of his hefty pockets, and private donations. Now that he’s governor of Florida, he’s using the weight of his office to pan Obamacare.

To aid in the implantation of the Affordable Care Act, Navigators, or outreach workers, are being barred from county health departments. These navigators are there to help people without health insurance sign up for subsidized coverage.

But because the workers have been told to keep away, some of those individuals who lack health insurance may have a tougher time understanding their options.

Even though what deputy Department of Health Secretary C. Meade Grigg did was wrong, that’s not the entire story. Sure, it is petty for the governor and his political buddies to use fraud as a theme to block the efforts of these works to help those who may need it most.

Yet he acts as if he lives on a different planet that the rest of us. Maybe he does and we don’t know.

Florida voters, what else do you need to see from this guy for him to prove that he couldn’t care less about the well being of Florida?

For some, it may be tough for you to set aside your political ideology. The options staring at you from the other side are either a Republican turncoat in Charlie Crist or an old school liberal in Nan Rich. But seeing just how far Florida has fallen; watching this state make national news for political malfeasance and other boneheaded moves isn’t enough?

Now that the Scott, and Attorney General Pam Bondi, have voiced concern about potential fraud for those signing people up for subsidized insurance, is this the straw? We’re talking about maybe the least of us who will finally have access to something that should be a right, but it’s not.

Are you that hateful of one man that you’re willing to get behind the political equivalent of Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget?

Please, check the scoreboard and read the facts. Allow the navigators to serve as a compass to guide you beyond political xenophobia.

Rick Scott doesn’t care about Florida.


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