Orlando City Commission Votes In Favor Of Considerable Pay Raise


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This past Monday, the Orlando City Commission voted in favor of a significant pay raise where their salaries will rise to $60K per year. The commission also voted to bump Mayor Buddy Dyer’s salary a whopping 37 percent from $142k to $195k per year.

That’s not a shabby haul for a set of politicians who preside over a city that has the lowest paying jobs in the nation.

That’s right; Orlando is the lowest paying metro area in the entire country. Our median income is just over $29,000 per year and almost half of the jobs in Central Florida pay less than $25,000 per year.

On the heels of that news, it seems like such a great time for the mayor and the city commission to receive a pay raise, right?

I guess the slither of a silver lining in this is that two commissioners didn’t go along with the rest. Commissioners Tony Ortiz and Robert Stuart voted no without comment.

There was one commissioner in particular who thought it was a good idea.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, District 5 Commissioner Daisy Lynum, one of the worst on the commission, said that Orlando’s growth is a pretty good reason for the raise. She also mentioned that she wants to stay in line with the other commissioners.

“It was my understanding that the other commissioners were in favor of it, and I didn’t want to stand in the way.”

Reading that comment made me wonder what else she may go along with because she wouldn’t want to stand in the way of her co-workers. Maybe the proposed Orlando soccer stadium deal? What about Creative Village? Eminent domain perhaps?

Sometimes when I read or listen to blithering commentary about why a certain politician wants to do something, it reminds me that we receive the government that we deserve.

But Orlando deserves so much better than someone who votes in step with fellow commissioners instead of in favor of his or her constituents.

Just too bad we don’t realize it.


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7 thoughts on “Orlando City Commission Votes In Favor Of Considerable Pay Raise

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  2. This silly attack at the most accomplished and respected African American politician and figure in this community by another who wants similar leadership is unfortunate. Our community deserves substance over silly and quoted the Sentinel who has not been kind to local Black leaders. Silly to think a secretary can make more than a commissioner in city hall but there was no thought put into this article.

  3. Juan, when more than half of the city continues to struggle economically, and the average income in Parramore, as I understand it, is far less than $25,000 per year; should the commissioner who represents that district vote yes for a pay raise in the name of standing in solidarity with her fellow commissioners?

    Where is the substance in that?

    • Why in the world would you single out the only commissioner who works to improve that statistic and works twice as hard as any other on the council? There is no one on that council who has brought more economic development to our community and business opportunities to minority business than Comm. Lynum. Then you ask silly questions about her other positions like you have never been to a city council meeting to see who is the most involved and informed on every city issue. And many pundits like to speak about Comm. Lynum like she is the mayor calling the shots versus influencing policy for the benefit of our community. You have a lot to learn about what it takes to protect and promote our community and its leaders. You can start with going to a city council meeting and seeing for yourself the only person fighting everyday to bring bacon home to the westside. What good for our community could you possibly have thought could come from this article? Surely not raising an issue about poverty and low pay in Orlando. Where you even around years ago when my mother was helping lead the discussion on a living wage ordinance?

      • I didn’t know that you followed me so closely to understand where I’ve been.

        If she is the fighter for the working class as you say, then she will be re-elected in April, and my silly questions and uninformed article will be moot, no?

        My job isn’t to protect the commissioner, or any other elected official. If I see something sideways, I say something about it. While you state with clarity what she’s done for the community, I implore you to listen to the individuals who feel that she hasn’t done enough.

        But going back to the original point of the article, asking where she stands on other issues as it relates to a pay raise is far from silly. You know as well as I do that politics has a lot to do with perception. When a sitting commissioner states that she voted for something so that she wouldn’t serve as a barrier for her fellow commissioners, it should raise a red flag.

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