House Republicans Vote To Slash Billions From Food Stamp Program

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Maybe it’s time that someone SNAP on the House Republicans who voted to cut almost $40 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

That joke was flat and off key, but I’m just emulating Republican leadership.

As reported by the USDA, 14.5 percent of Americans are considered to lack food security. That means that many families do not have the financial means to purchase “enough food for active, healthy living.”

In an attempt to fill that hole, some families depend on SNAP, the program formerly known to many as food stamps.

Since the financial crisis of 2007, some Americans have been forced to apply for SNAP benefits. Without it, America’s food insecurity rate would likely triple. In 2011 alone, 18 million households were considered to be food insecure.

Taking that statistic further, four of the seven states with the highest food insecurity rates in America are in the south. That’s Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, and Georgia. Add North Carolina and Texas for good measure, and that just about makes up the entire list.

Oh, did I also mention that almost 85 percent of SNAP households have incomes at or below the poverty level?

Getting down to it, I could rattle off more statistics about why this vote was wrong, and how I believe Republicans are bad for America, but I won’t. The good thing about this vote is that it was just symbolic.

As Senator Debbie Stabenow said after the vote in the House, that version of the bill “will never see the light of day in the Senate.” There is still a chance that there may be cuts to this program, but a Jason from Friday the 13th type of slash probably won’t happen.

If this irks the nerves, which I hope it does, scream and yell at the Republican Congress person in one of the 50 states for voting for this bill. If they did, I suspect that they are bereft of empathy, comprehension, insight, and etc…

Maybe House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, one of the worst in the House, said it best when talking about the vote. According to NPR, Cantor stated that the system is being abused, and that it’s wrong to make hard working Americans pay for that exploitation.

Never mind the fact that Cantor failed to point to any specific abuse, or that his party could not produce pointed statistics about misuse of the food assistance program.

This just smells like an attempt to further marginalize the poor and working class.

I’ve never been a fan of Republicans, and that won’t change. Today’s vote on cutting government funded food assistance for the least of us just proves how much the party of Reagan really loves this country.

P.S. but not really: 15 Republicans voted against this nonsensical bill, and none take residence in Florida.


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