Florida Governor Rick Scott Is Lying…Again

Photo Courtesy of www.thinkprogress.net/Florida Governor Rick Scott

Photo Courtesy of http://www.thinkprogress.net/Florida Governor Rick Scott

Florida Governor Rick Scott is trying his best to remain in Tallahassee as the state’s governor, even if he has to lie to do it.

Just last week, Scott said that his economic policies and pro business approach have saved Florida’s economy.

Scott also called me to say that he enjoys listening to old Ja Rule albums and he has a collection of old Paul Krugman editorials.

Now outside of my truth stretching, I’m not the one asking Floridians to back me for another term as face of the state.

I guess the good thing about Scott’s attempt to take credit for President Obama’s economic policy is that it’s helping him politically.

The caveat to that is that he’s just, ya know, lying about it.

Taking that further, Scott recently said that Florida would have never experienced a downturn if he was in office back in 2007. In fact, he said that it was because of former Governor Charlie Crist and state CFO Alex Sink that the state lost almost one million jobs back then.

So not only does Scott have a special way of fudging numbers, and committing fraud, he tries to roll potential opponents with more lies.

But Scott’s silver tongue is catching the ears of some state economists who are calling his bluff. Plainly put, they all say that he’s a liar.

A tall, skinny, bald headed, brash liar.

The sad part in all of this is that Scott’s word may win him another election. Because Florida’s economy is on the rebound and jobs are returning to the state, Scott gets to take the credit for something he potentially made worse.

Scott’s right; he is pro business, and that has worked against the working class in Florida.

So while Scott makes his way around the state to tell you that “it’s working,” tell him that he’s exactly right. His policies have worked to ruin the state, his policies are working to kill the economic climate in Florida, and his policies have worked to make Florida one of the worst political climates in the nation.

Just remember this: It’s working.


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