WIC Funding Running Low in Florida as Government Shutdown Continues


Photo courtesy of the Florida Department of Health

For those wondering if the government shutdown is just another faux crisis put forth by Congress, it may be time to adjust your glasses.

According to an article via Forbes.com, the government ceased funding to WIC, the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children, this past Tuesday

This means that some states are no longer accepting new participants as funds run low. A USDA report states that should the government shutdown continue through the month of October, “federal WIC funding may not be sufficient to cover benefits.”

While that may not seem dire to many, it is for those living in Utah. Yesterday the United States Department of Agriculture gave the Utah WIC office $2.5 million in emergency funds to re-open the program. Since the shutdown began, some families who depend on WIC for sustenance were unable to receive October vouchers.

The partial funding for Utah will take them through the end of the month, but if the shutdown extends through that time frame, the state will come full circle with an inability to provide for those who need assistance the most.

For Florida, the situation is tight and indistinct. The state’s WIC office isn’t quite sure when their funds will run out as they are trying to figure out a plan of emergency should the shutdown continue.

In the interim for those living in Florida, if you have not picked up your October vouchers, please do so. If anyone has put off applying for WIC, go ahead and do so now.

The shutdown isn’t projected to last through the month of October, but with political gridlock securing economic uncertainty for many, depending on Congress to act on behalf of the best interest for the working class and poor is a pretty bad decision.


Note: Over 34,000 Orange County residents receive WIC funding each month.

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