Now it’s the Commission’s Turn: County Set to Vote on Expensive Venue Package

template_header_Logo4-3A shiny new soccer stadium as well as a new Major League Soccer franchise may be on its way to Orange County if a crucial vote on Tuesday afternoon turns out positive for soccer enthusiasts. The Orange County Commission will hold a hearing at 2 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon to vote on a $94 million venue bundle.

The funding deal includes money for renovations to the decaying Citrus Bowl and the Orange County Convention Center, but the major project is the soccer stadium.

For weeks there have been public meetings, town hall sessions, hearings and everything in between for city residents to voice their concerns about this potential deal. If approved, the soccer stadium would sit in the community of Parramore, an economically depressed area of Orlando.

Those who live in Parramore received another chance to speak out about the venue package on Monday night as the NAACP held a town hall session to hear from residents concerned about the potential changes to their community.

But if an article in the Orlando Sentinel is any indicator, the worried voices of Parramore may be muted. The venues deal sailed through the halls of the Orlando City Commission without resistance and it seems that it may do the same in the county.

Lastly, the stadium and larger funding deal concerns the county because $20 million of the county’s tourist tax revenue is needed to construct the soccer field.

For any interested parties, the 2 p.m. will be held in commission chambers on Tuesday, October 23rd within the Orange County Administrative Center at 201 S. Rosalind Avenue.


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