Why Santa’s Color Matters to Fox News


Photo courtesy of Foxnewsinsider.com/Anchor Megyn Kelly

The legend of Fox News grew a little more today after a video clip surfaced of host Megyn Kelly claiming that both Santa and Jesus are white men. Kelly underlined her point about Jesus by claiming that his hue is a “verifiable fact” and that Santa “just is white.”

In a pseudo-intellectual manner, Kelly dryly talks about the story and said that she’s only debating this “because someone wrote about it, kids.”

Without debating the invalid historical context of Kelly’s assertion about Jesus and Santa, I simply want to discuss her dismissal of the original debate, which is simply skin color.

By the way, this story of Kelly talking about Santa and Jesus being white men started when Kelly mentioned Aisha Harris’s article on Slate.com about changing the perception of Santa Claus.

How this turned into an idea of dogma is a little perplexing, but we’ve arrived here, so no turning back now.

Harris slightly defends her article in another piece on Slate.com titled “What Fox News Doesn’t Understand About Santa Claus” where she basically says what most, at least I hope most, people are thinking: Santa isn’t real; therefore our perception of him isn’t either.

But this argument about Jesus and Santa is the step-child of the “race themed” movie discussion from a few weeks ago. When the movie “Best Man Holiday” was released and it performed better than expectations, USA Today promptly called it a race themed movie. That moniker means that when movies with an all-black cast do well at the box office, it’s because they are only themed toward the color of the folks who star in the movie.

I guess it’s the same for Santa and Jesus, no? Santa only gives good gifts to white kids and the colored babies are left with the throw-a-ways. And Jesus will only turn water into wine for grown white people. For the rest of us, we’ll just get a few shock bottles of Fireball whiskey and Thunderbird.

For people of Megyn Kelly’s ilk, certain things are just as they are and need not be changed. James Bond, as noted by Ms. Harris, has to be a white man because he’s, well because he’s always been a white man.

The host of Jeopardy? Well it’s been hosted by a white man for my entire life, why change now?

This frame of mind speaks to the lack of Caucasian imagination. The first 43 presidents where white men and the head of Yale’s famed  “Skull and Bones” is probably still a white man. Power in this country has always been wielded by white men, and to imagine a world ruled by anyone other than a Caucasian is scary for some.

For little minority babies, seeing people in power who look like them is vastly important.

Maybe for Megyn Kelly, her fear isn’t that of a black Santa crawling down her chimney covered in soot or an olive-skinned Jesus with wide-lens sunglasses and leather jogging pants. It’s the loss of power associated with the change in demographics in America.


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