Will Carlos Lopez-Cantera Help Keep Rick Scott in the Governor’s Mansion?


Photo courtesy of http://www.myfloridahouse.gov/Lt. Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera

Miami-Dade Property Appraiser Carlos Lopez-Cantera was introduced as Governor Rick Scott’s lieutenant governor on Tuesday. Lopez-Cantera is a former legislator who served when Senator Marco Rubio was only known as House Speaker.

Lopez-Cantera is the state’s first Hispanic lieutenant governor and will serve as a bridge to the Hispanic community for Governor Scott.

While Lopez-Cantera may be qualified to serve as Scott’s number two, his pick underscores why the Republican Party continues to struggle in every area but white.

According to the Miami Herald, when asked about immigration and “other policies,” Lopez-Cantera decided not to answer. He instead leaned on the ceremonial nature of the day as his excuse.

Eventually he’ll have to take a position on things like immigration and Medicaid expansion, but I’m sure whatever that position is, it will fall in line with Governor Scott’s history and politics.

Overall, Scott is banking on Lopez-Cantera’s ethnicity and charisma to push him toward another term.

Scott’s potential opponent, former Republican and Florida Governor Charlie Crist, will have money and a swell of anti-Scott support behind him.

Scott can combat any monetary support that Crist will have because his funds are limitless, but will he bank on voters hanging on the superficial nature of Lopez-Cantera’s skin color?

Instead, at least this is my hope, voters will want to know how Lopez-Cantera will aid in growing Florida’s economy, altering or fixing our education system, his stance on crime, recidivism, privatization of our public services and etc…

If Lt. Lopez-Cantera can help Scott fix those problems, and articulate it to Florida’s voters, then maybe Scott has a shot at remaining Florida’s top politician.


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