NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: “Sherman is extremely well-spoken.”


Photo courtesy of cornerback Richard Sherman

From Justin Bieber to Richard Sherman, news is geared to keep us entertained. We’re constantly fed a steady diet of Hollywood glamour and celebrity madness that it is truly a miracle that we receive any type of mental or intellectual exercise.

The arrest and jailing of a singer shouldn’t dominate any news organizations headlines. In fact, if the news channel that your television occupies spends more time on Justin Bieber than the protests in the Ukraine, it may be time to change the channel.

At any rate, outside of Bieber’s arrest, our news has been dominated by the Richard Sherman rant. After his team finished off the San Francisco 49ers to earn a trip to the Super Bowl, Sherman’s emotions were running high and he gave a pretty demonstrative post game interview.

Sherman didn’t curse or use any foul language, but he was accused of being classless and rude.

Once the interview was done and America was fed the playback over and over, his detractors started to settle in for a game of racial hockey. Sherman was knocked around like a puck as he was called every nasty racial epithet that one can conjure.

His interview was eventually deemed a little to over-the-top, so he was pushed to apologize to his teammates and fans of the Seattle Seahawks. Sherman’s forced apology came on the heels of him being called a thug, ignorant, repugnant, and etc…

All of this for an interview he did after winning an emotionally charged game. In fact, Sherman’s play is the reason why his team won, so I would expect for him to be a little fired up.

What I didn’t expect is for the commissioner of the NFL to pile on Sherman as well. When asked about Sherman’s post game behavior, the NFL’s head chief, Roger Goodell, said that he’s “not cheering for that.”


Photo courtesy of commissioner Roger Goodell

“Sherman is such a great young man. He is extremely well-spoken, does great things off the field, obviously a great player on the field. I want him to present himself in the best possible way and make sure that he is reflecting on himself and his family in a positive way,” Goodell continued.

Do I start with the comment about Sherman being “well-spoken” or how he’s a bad representation of his family?

Well, first let’s deal with the label of thug. Sherman has talked about his comments enough to fill the Goodyear blimp with air, so I’m sure he’s beyond tired of it by now. But during an interview about what he said and the backlash he’s received, Sherman said that calling him a thug is another way for some to call him the “N” word.

Dare I mention, again, that Sherman didn’t curse or use foul language during his post game interview? He was simply showing emotion.

For America’s definition of a thug, Sherman should either be pulling up to someone’s home to rob it or in a music video rapping about how much he loves drugs, women, and Tupac.

For what its worth, Sherman is considered the best cornerback in the league. He also graduated from Stanford with his degree in communications and began working on his Master’s degree during his last year of eligibility.

Next, I’m sure that Sherman’s family is just fine with his representation of their last name. He is a product of Compton, California, has a college degree and started his own foundation.

Lastly, can we please kill the “he’s so well-spoken” talking point? Telling a black man or woman how well-spoken he or she may be is like telling a Mexican co-worker that you’re surprised he doesn’t drive an astro van filled with relatives.

These comments are rooted in bigotry.

Also, forgive me for failing to mention Sherman’s appearance. He’s a tall, dark skinned black man with long, scary dreadlocks. Let’s keep feeding the negative narrative about black men, ok Goodell?

At this point, I’m just tired of hearing about Sherman’s rant. Whether you agree or disagree with it, who cares? My main issue was that we made such an issue out of it.

Now that Goodell has given his useless two cents about Sherman, it just further exasperates a tired situation.

I get that racism and bigotry will always exist in this country, but it takes moments like Sherman’s post game ran to remind me how tone deaf Americans can be.


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