ICYMI: Val Demings Interview on Flashpoint


Photo courtesy of Saintpetersblog.com

I’m pretty late on this one but former Orlando Police Chief Val Demings appeared on the political talk show “Flashpoint” with Tony Pipitone last weekend.

The interview yielded nothing earth shattering as Demings spoke of her reasoning for running for mayor. She was asked about the venues project, the “textgate” scandal, and more.

What I found interesting about her time with Mr. Pipitone is that she never really diverted from her talking points. When Demings was asked about textgate, she castigated Jacobs for her role in the ethics scandal and continued to pound away at her opponent when given the chance.

“When you run on transparency, ethics reform, and greater citizen participation; textgate is the worst, or best example, however you want to look at it, of violating the very principles that she ran on,” said Demings.

Demings didn’t just take off after Jacobs, she jabbed former State Representative Steve Precourt as well. Recently Precourt was picked to head the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority, but that appointment fell apart when Orange-Osceola State Attorney Jeff Ashton told the board that they should hold off on hiring him until he completes an investigation into the board’s practices.

Precourt got so mad that he ultimately turned their offer of a month-to-month contract down. That didn’t go unnoticed by Demings.

“The very person, who a few months ago said that they were considering running for Orange County mayor because there was a crisis of leadership in the county, suddenly decides that he’s not going to run, then becomes the frontrunner for the position with the expressway authority. I just think that all of that is very, very interesting.”

For the blue voters of Orange County, the hope is that Demings continues to drop that type of red meat before the election.

Click to view Val Demings on ‘Flashpoint.’

Hat tip to Frank Torres of Orlando-Politics.com for the find.

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