Rep. Joe Saunders and Sen. Jeff Clemons Divulge Medical Marijuana Legislation

Representative Joe Saunders and Senator Jeff Clemons have filed legislation to legalize the use of medical cannabis in the state of Florida called “The Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act.”

The act is named after Cathy Jordan, a Florida resident currently suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease

Information released to the media by Rep. Saunders and Sen. Clemons outline what’s included in the bill and how it will benefit the public.

The act is geared toward “Floridians with chronic health conditions and disabilities that use or can benefit from the use of marijuana for medical treatment without further suffering from out state’s antiquated drug laws.”

Florida is one of 30 states that outlaw the use of marijuana for medical purposes, but this isn’t the first, or only bill, that will come up for debate in the legislature this year.

Representative Matt Gaetz has filed legislation called “Charlotte’s Web,” a bill that would legalize cannabis with .5 percent and resin from the plant. Gaetz and others who are not in favor of the total legalization of medical marijuana state that “Charlotte’s Web” does not provide a high, only relief from pain.

In addition to the two medical marijuana bills being floated, Orlando attorney John Morgan poured almost $2 million into an initiative to have a constitutional amendment for the legalization of medical marijuana placed on the November ballot.

Regarding Rep. Saunders and Sen. Clemons, their bill promises to save tax dollars for Floridians, but according to the Florida Times-Union, any economic impact from the approval of medical marijuana in Florida is indistinct.

For more information on “The Cathy Jordan Act” and “Charlotte’s Web,” please visit


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