Florida Senator Jeff Clemens Wants to End Discrimination in Employment Screening


Photo courtesy of http://www.MyFloridaHouse.gov / Sen. Jeff Clemens

For those with a criminal background, you may want to sit up and pay attention to a new bill being pushed by Sen. Jeff Clemens.

SB 234 aims to “prohibit an employer from inquiring into or considering an applicant’s criminal record on an initial employment application…”

If passed, this bill should give more job opportunities for those who have records. Organizations may still inquire about an applicant’s criminal past, but only after they’ve moved through the initial screening process.

For those skeptical of this type of legislation, it may prove beneficial to Florida companies. This would give those with a criminal past an opportunity to at least have their credentials and experience vetted before being judged for past discretions.

Getting in the door for an interview is half the battle; SB 234 would remove at least one barrier for some.

In addition to this bill, Clemens is a co-sponsor of “The Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act,” a bill that would legalize medical marijuana in Florida. In response to this bill, and others that aim to legalize at least some form of marijuana for medicinal purposes in Florida, Orlando attorney John Morgan called them “a stunt.”

In an interview with Fox 35, Morgan said that Democrat Joe Saunders is “grandstanding” and has “zero juice to get anything done” in the Florida House.

Sen. Clemens employment screening bill is currently in the commerce and tourism committee, and if passed, would take effect July 1st, 2014.


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